Found on Road Alive: 197? Chevy Chevelle SS

I grabbed this quick pic at Pavillions the other evening.  It is a Chevy Chevelle SS, a 1972 model I believe.  The Chevelle SS was the top of the performance heap for Chevy’s mid-size model.  Compared to the full size cars of the time it weighed in at an outright svelt 3,500 lbs.  That helped increase overall performance and add an mpg or two to the tally. 

Given the lack of engine badging on the side this is the basic 350CID model, the big block V8’s had their displacement proudly badged as “396” or “454” on the fenders near the “SS” badging.  This car is likely an original unmolested version as it still has its period correct “blue plate”.  A close inspection does show some scratches and dings that haven’t been repaired over the years.  Its a survivor in all the best meaning of the word.

I wonder how many times this beast ran up old Route 66?  (Shameless plug for the post Julia did on the topic earlier).

One more pic after the jump.

Pic was done with the trusty phone cam.  More Found on Road Alive can be found on flickr.


4 thoughts on “Found on Road Alive: 197? Chevy Chevelle SS”

  1. Gorgeous car. But the 454 was a Mopar powerplant, I believe. I learned to drive in a Dodge station wagon with a 454 4-barrel that flew.

  2. It’s actually a 1971. The differences are small, but one is that the blinkers on the ’71 are separated into two segments, not on the ’72. (I recently had to get rid of my ’72 — turns out, not so safe for transporting a baby.)

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