Saturday 11/15 biggest protest ever on Prop 8

The protest is going National Saturday with LA among 50+ in the US participating.

The Facebook groups are continuing to publish protest info on Prop 8 faster than I can read and post what is relevant to LA.  The Pepperdine group over at facebook sent a notice regarding a nationwide protest being organized by the Join the Impact group.

LA’s protest will take place at LA City Hall, 200 N Spring Street (in Los Angeles of course).  The protest will start at 10:30AM.  It is planned to end at 2:30PM.    More information can be found on the LA Join the Impact Facebook page.

For those that know me I am not a fan of protests as the location is usually irrelevant or it gets out of hand and pisses off the very people that are in need of convincing.  I think the better location would have been in front of a Morman Church, but this isn’t my protest.  

The issue of same sex marriage is so emotionally charged it can get unruly quickly.  My plea is those attending do everything possible to maintain their dignity and remain civil regardless of the provocations.  Please?

11 thoughts on “Saturday 11/15 biggest protest ever on Prop 8”

  1. Ahh, the Mormons were soooo right-after-the-election. It’s time to get more centralized and drum up more visibility and education in places that otherwise would not have a bunch of gay people hanging around. I don’t know if I would have chosen City Hall – the protest at Lincoln Park was a good location – but seems to me this is more of a national effort on par with the immigration rallies.

    And frazgo’s right – let’s keep it clean! Nothing below the belt! Because that’s just mean.

  2. Whatever happened to “Majority Rule”? This is the second election we’ve had on the same subject with the same results. How much more money are the State and Local governments going to have to spend on this, money they don’t have? Jeez, get over it already. Oh, but wait! Never fear, the 9th circuit will overturn the will of the people like they have so many times before……

  3. City Hall?

    Apostle Frederick K.C. Price endorsed Prop 8, so why not protest at the Crenshaw Christian Center?

    Making Mormons the primary targets of these protests it not only riduclous but extremely disingenuous.

    What are you people afraid of?

  4. Scotty1111 the majority isn’t always right, nor legal. It took court rulings to repeal “Jim Crow Laws” the ability to intermarry between races and a host of other social injustices. Certainly you don’t think that court intervention there was inappropriate. This marriage issue should be a non-issue but we have a mobiliize majority trying to force their dogma down our throats and that is not appropriate.

    The Ugly American, you are correct many equally good targets. The Mormon church for me is most appropriate as they are an exampled of out of staters interfering with our internal political process. That galls me more than the local churches who tried to force their dogma upon us.

    I have to agree a lot more could have been done differently on the No on 8 in the first place, but the biggest problem was money coming in from all over, including out of state which enabled the yes folks to outspend the no folks.

    The captain, thanks for correcting me and I fixed, I’ve got so much to do Sunday it krept in.

    I thought about this a lot on the drive behind the Orange Curtain today. I don’t think everyone sees the signficance of this rally. This is a huge civil rights issue, not unlike what we saw in the 60’s. This is evolving to more than just the results here in LA/CA but the entire nation is organizing. That is a powerful mobilizing of people to get out a message.

  5. To be ready next time, stop gathering en masse to protest and start truly organizing.

    Even if there’s no election to look towards right now, we could still get the framework in place. If EQCA and whatever is left of the No on 8 campaign want to make up for the mistakes of the campaign, they should begin recruiting precinct captains. We need house parties, coffees, chances to gather with our neighbors, block by block, and explain why this is important – why it’s a fundamental rights issue. It’s a lot harder to take away the rights of people you KNOW. When there IS an election, we’ll have people in place to actually get out the vote. No standing at polling places where and when it is too late.

    We’ll know where the votes are and we’ll have people there to make the calls and knock on the doors to get that vote out. This is such a personal issue and it calls for personal action.

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