Classic Eats Event Was A Blast!

Mmmm "creamy" jello...
Mmmm "creamy" jello...

(It was so much fun it took me this long to post a follow up.)

The Clifton’s/Bonaventure evening was a great success thanks to all the bloggers, readers and friends who joined in. I was so pleased to meet some fellow Metbloggers I had never met in person before, plus readers BURNS! and Lynn and MrHooks. Caroline on Crack was there too. All in all there were about 13 of us.

There were many a “Clifton’s Virgin” on Saturday, enthralled with the quality of the food and decor. Drinks at the BonaVista were also a treat as Lucinda had created a game of “Los Angeles Trivia Bingo” and we all learned new things about LA. (Hint: just answer “The Chumash” and you’re covered.)

While watching LA revolve around us, we came up with a long list of our next potential Classic Eats locations. And as promised, we will pick a date for the next one soon and invite you all to vote on which Classic LA places to enjoy next.

Click on through for more Clifton’s offerings and group picture!

There is always room for Jello!
There is always room for Jello!

Hooray for the great turn out!

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  1. Big fun, good eats, and great turnout! Thanks to Julia for coming up with the concept and following through, and Lucindamichele for adding fun and games.

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