Blu LA Cafe Has Opening Day Twitters

In the age of Twitter, you had better bring you’re ‘A’ game. Especially if you’re opening a new restaurant.

The highly anticipated opening of Blu LA Café next to Cole’s in Downtown Los Angeles is today. From the tweets of @5thandspring, it isn’t going so well:

  • heading over to blu la cafe to pick up lunch for me and @jimw about 1 hour ago from web
  • Waiting to order lunch at Blu LA Cafe about 1 hour ago from twitterrific
  • Lots of nervous energy from the waitstaff and owners. No turkey panini today, they don’t know their menu yet. Stressing me out. 42 minutes ago from twitterrific
  • Blu LA Cafe messed ip my order so leaving to to to Raw Materials empty-handed. 31 minutes ago from twitterrific
  • 30 minutes later and Blu LA Cafe hasn’t delivered the lunch order they took 20 minutes to screw up. Phone goes straight to voicemail. 9 minutes ago from twitterrific

UPDATE (2:07):

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  1. damn…I thought our reviews were brutal, twitter is so right now real time they are toast. Not much of a chance to recover or make it a win. Day 2 is just going to suck.

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