See ya at Classic Eats!

It's like eating in the woods! But not!
It's like eating in the woods! But not!

The photo by one of my fave LA historians Charles Phoenix, left, and the great blog post by Delicious Coma show Clifton’s in all it’s kitschy glory. We hear the food isn’t spectacular, but that’s exactly why I’m going.

That & the stuffed deer.

Oh, and to see all of you!!!

Julia’s event info is all here.

8 thoughts on “See ya at Classic Eats!”

  1. That was fun! And so great meeting everyone! :)

    P.S. — Did I win anything for getting the second bingo? Huh? Did I?

  2. I second that. It was fun, and great to meet everyone. The food wasn’t spectacular (I hear the toothpaste jello was “interesting,”) but the company was. Thanks everybody!

  3. Oh but that was the CHARM of it all–the spooky opaque white jello and the mystery meat! If it had all been inedible, that would have been a problem, but what I ended up with–an enchilada, a twice-baked potato, beautiful green jello and lemon meringue pie–was really quite fantastic.

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