Mark’s post about being arrested

Mark (aka panasonicyouth) has posted his account of what happened yesterday from the point of his arrest until he was bailed out many hours later. It’s crazy and worth the read…

“…After being handcuffed, we were placed in the back of an umarked police car that immediately headed to the “field jail” near the Veterans Center on Wilshire Blvd. On the ride over, the two officers up front chatted us up about the protest and the similar one that took place the night before. Nearly 25 minutes after being arrested, we were finally read our Miranda rights while sitting in the car. We were not told definitively why we were being arrested. The two officers who transported us (Officer Stoughton and Officer Whitney) were kind of left in the dark about why we were detained. We were told, “It looks like you’re being held for ‘unruly behavior’ for now.” We were not told anything else…

…It was nearly an hour later that I was finally told what I was being charged with: battery on a peace officer…”

His story is online now, go read it for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Mark’s post about being arrested”

  1. Sean…the best line came at the end of his post. “Well, now is our chance to take power and change it ourselves. This is our time.”

    It should be all of our time to finally put aside the inequalities on how people are treated.

  2. The time was kinda last Tuesday and the days leading up to it. Not that we should ever stop working for equality and not that it’s the sole responsibility of those who were protesting, but it seems like there’s SO much more mass action now than there was when we actually had a wide open shot-on-goal. Strange. And sad.

  3. We can’t change the law (yet) but we can get behind Mark. I’m getting along on unemployment insurance but I still made a donation–come on people, help them out–it needs to be done so they can get their lives back together and stop this kind of ADDITIONAL abridgement of civil rights..

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