Dad Faces Death Penalty for Burning Children Alive

Today, prosecutors announced that a man accused of murdering his 11-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son by setting his SUV on fire with the children inside will face the death penalty. The story is quite tragic, as reported by the LA Times two years ago when the event occurred.

Dae Kwon Yun was an entrepreneur with a once-thriving T-shirt and tank top manufacturing business in the downtown Los Angeles garment district. Financial woes and marital problems began to plague him, culminating in a horrific act that left his two children dead.

“We’re going to work for his life,” one of Yun’s attorneys, Christopher Apostal, said outside court. “We feel really good about advocating for his life, to save his life, because he has value as a human being. He’s more than just what happened on this day.” [full story]

I actually don’t remember hearing about this story but I wonder if it can be compared to other acts of filicide, such as the Andrea Yates or Deanna Laney cases. I realize that in those two cases, the women were basically found not guilty by reason of insanity. I wonder if the same type of argument will be made in this case?

One thought on “Dad Faces Death Penalty for Burning Children Alive”

  1. I remember this one. It really struck me with horror. I can’t imagine the desperation he felt to make the decision he did. I can’t imagine what justification he had in his mind at the time and just remind myself you can’t put logic to a moment of emotional insanity. I think his greater punishment is life in prison for what he did as it really must be the act of an insane man.

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