7.8 Earthquake to strike Los Angeles in T minus 6 days…


You’re screwed. Seriously. And it isn’t like you weren’t warned.

You could have had an emergency pack ready to go under your desk, in your trunk, and at home. Now in addition to staying safe, you’ll need to worry about finding water, food, and essential medications.

You could have discussed with your family where to meet up if communications lines were cut off. Is your wife safe? Are your kids going to stay at school, head for home, or possibly try and find you at work?

You could have paid more attention to emergency exits, and alternate emergency exits in case the original one became impassable. With lights out, and halls filling quicly with smoke, how will you find your way to safety?

The Great Shakeout is coming next Thursday. You have a whole weekend to prepare. Or do you think you’re ready?

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  1. What the… 2 postings?

    Are David “Hussein” Markland, and Sean Bonner the same people?? And which alter ego is the super hero? As they say, Great Minds think alike…

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