Scams increasing as economy sours

Last night we got a robo-dial message from Dr. Taylor, MUSD Superintendent advising that a group of people identifying themselves as being part of the High school’s ROP program were trying to sell subscriptions to the LA Times.  It was false and instructions on how to handle were included in her recorded message.

This morning’s Crime Scene Blog put up a post “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” that recapped a story appearing in the San Gabriel Tribune regarding scammers preying on the elderly in the eastern SGV.  That article outlined the usual distract while a partner ransacks the house scam we see.  What is interesting is that the articles actually give the names of the suspects who live in the Long Beach area and have been hitting numerous spots in the LA Metro.

My personal solution when strangers are at the door has been to ask for ID and to see their “solicitation permit” which scares most away.  (I know there isn’t such a requirement but it does freak them out).  What is your solution to dealing with unwanted visitors at your door?

7 thoughts on “Scams increasing as economy sours”

  1. City of Los Angeles does require that all solicitors have a permit…it is supposed to show how much of the money goes to overhead, etc. When I am accosted at a grocery store by people collecting money for their ‘church’ (they never give any more information) I ask for it—very loudly, so everyone around me can hear—and when they back off and say:
    god bless you, I tell them I don’t consider them qualified to ask god to bless me, when they’re breaking the law. It didn’t make them leave, but it
    did make me feel better.

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