Metro: Subway to the Sea in 20+ Years

I almost spit out my cough drop when I read an entry by Steve Hymon on yesterday’s Bottleneck Blog:

During the news conference about Measure R’s passage, Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Roger Snoble said it may now be possible to extend the line to Fairfax Avenue within six or seven years and the line could get to Westwood in 20 years. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa heard that, and super-super-quickly stepped to the mike and promised to be “aggressive” about securing federal dollars to speed that up.

By the time Snoble and the boys finishing tunneling down Wilshire, the Gold Line will have reached Phoenix.

Way to go.

3 thoughts on “Metro: Subway to the Sea in 20+ Years”

  1. No shit, 20 years! For this they needed measure R? They could have had a bake sales at elementary schools and raised the money over that time span. I hope Idi V can speed it up.

    I liked the Gold Line crack…which version Id’s that runs to Whittier or the 12 SGV bergs that want their proprietary interests served first? Just asking.

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