Win Tix to Old Crow Medicine Show @ the Fonda, Thursday Nov. 6

Grand Ole Opry alums and generally kickass dudes the Old Crow Medicine Show bring their bluegrassy cavalcade of Americana, alt-country awesomeness to the Fonda tomorrow night.  And we haz ticketz! You won’t be able to resist the toe-tapping, barnstorming brilliance of these young guys who play old-timey tunes with humor and charm. And did I mention they’re…well…kinda hot? They’re kinda hot.

To win a pair of tickets, tell me your favorite weird Appalachian musical instrument. You know–jug, washboard, spoons, bones, weird hybrid stringed instruments, whatever.  We’ll randomly pick a few winners to go to the show. Please no “Deliverance” jokes. Yay!

Or you can just buy tickets yourself here.

2 thoughts on “Win Tix to Old Crow Medicine Show @ the Fonda, Thursday Nov. 6”

  1. It may not win for prettiest or most obscure, but I’m a fan of the kazoo because I can actually play it. Yeah!

  2. My favorite appalachian folk instrument is the lacquered hog bladder tune bag. Wherein the maker of such instrument inflates the bladder of a freshly butchered hog like a balloon, applies a lacquer and then lets dry in the sun. When said tune-bag is fully dried and dessicated they then drill holes in it. Blowing through the mouth piece as they do in order to achieve the correct notes. Little know fun fact: Jeff Tweedy was given a appalachian hog bladder tune bag as a small child. He credits the hog bladder tune bag for his devotion to music and to pork.

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