No on 8 isn’t dead yet – Gloria Allred says so!

I may not always agree with LA Attorney Gloria Allred but that woman knows how to play the press and get everyones panties bunched up nicely.  Her current battle is to overturn the Prop 8 results.  To do this she has clients who are filing a lawsuit with some sort of new approach to the constitutionality of Prop 8.  There is a new conference planned for noon today wherein she will outline the legal premise of the suit and pass out copies to the media.  I wish I could get a copy as I’d love to read it and post it here for everyone else to read who is inclined to do so.
You have to make the jump to read the full press release I got in my email just moments ago on the topic.



     Attorney Gloria Allred and her clients, a lesbian couple, who won
right to marry in the California Supreme Court will hold a news
conference to announce a new lawsuit against Prop. 8

     Attorney Gloria Allred and her clients, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson,
will hold a news conference today November 5, 2008 at 12:00 noon at 6300
Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500 L.A. to announce a new lawsuit against Prop.
8. Prop. 8 intended to ban same gender marriages in California.

     Ms. Allred and her law firm represented the couple in their victory
before the California Supreme Court. Her clients became the first to
marry in Los Angeles County in June.

     Ms. Allred will file the new lawsuit today with the California
Supreme Court on behalf of the couple. The new lawsuit will contain a
new and controversial legal argument as to why Prop. 8 is
unconstitutional. Copies of the lawsuit will be provided to the press at
the news conference.

7 thoughts on “No on 8 isn’t dead yet – Gloria Allred says so!”

  1. If you’re able to lay your hands on a copy of that lawsuit, or even a link to it somewhere, I’d be curious to read it.

  2. Here’s how it works, folks: the same former immobile voters (the black and Latino volting bloc) who helped give us Presidential-Elect Obama were also the contributing pass on Proposition 8. Exit polling data today revealed, as I knew it would, that 7 out of 10 black voters and more than half of Latino voters backed the ballot initiative. Blacks and Latinos, overall, vote blue but many of them think red; traditional family values is a highly rated priority with both groups but they’re not stupid, far from it, as demonstrated by their heavy support of Obama and shunning of the Republican ticket.

    So, the message here, to quote the late Dr. Gonzo, is “buy the ticket and take the ride.”

  3. I’m just going to point out that while I am very disturbed by the high Yes on 8 by African-American voters, that was some total bullshit, that black people are six percent of the California.

    That’s a pretty small number.

    There are more white people, Asian people, Latino people and gay people who are in California, so I’m going to say the black community might have been the water boy in the fight for prop 8, but we were definitely NOT players in that game. (On the good side that also means that in California the Obama win had nothing to do with black people, because again we don’t have the numbers to be major players in that way in this part of the country.) In general Prop 8 passage was all formerly Bush Country. Take a look at the polls and the numbers, almost all of Bush Country you know the part of California way outside civilization and even up North more inland went Yes on Prop 8, so before everyone starts rounding up the posse I suggest everyone talk to their aunts and uncles in Modoc, Plumas, Mariposa, Sierra, Kern and Orange County places I rarely see black people and only see Latino in certain parts and only in Orange County.


  4. In general I’m saying this is a California problem. It’s not a black and Latino problem. It’s an overall problem. If we don’t look at this in a large way, we’re going to have some real problems. In general like with the passage of 187 and 209 and when Pete Wilson just randomly took it upon himself to make legal status an issue in regards to getting a driver’s license we in California owing to the isolating car culture have a problem with talking to people and as with other issues that were civil right issues we need to start that conversation before divisive proposition land on the ballot.

    If not this is going to continue to happen over and over again.

  5. Roger – just for you:“Politics is the art of controlling your environment.” Little did you know I am a huge fan of HST.

    Browne, good points on who swayed 8 regarding the voting blocks divided on racial lines. I have to agree it was the rural counties that put 8 over the top. The OC wasn’t even a factor as I read they had about 35% turnout. That scares me when you look at the 85% turnout in LA.

    I have to say Browne I enjoy your points, well thought out and argued. Then again I’ve always been a fan of a sharp mind, even on those times we don’t agree.

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