Election Day in Sleepy Marina del Rey

Things in Marina del Rey tend to take place at a laid back, civilized, even sleepy, pace. Unlike Mack’s experience in Silver Lake, today’s voting in the Marina was no exception. Although I have vote by mail status, I showed up at my local polling place, a nearby apartment complex, to cast my ballot and feel like I was part of the process.

When I walked in shortly before noon, about half a dozen people were voting in the various booths, but there were zero people waiting to vote behind them. I asked one of the poll workers whether it had been busy thus far, and she said that it had been so busy today that she had not had time to go to the bathroom. Maybe machines will have to take care of that in the future too, although I think we can skip the receipts.

On the way out, I actually had a big smile on my face and a bounce in my step. That’s what you get in a place where, even when it’s busy, it seems sleepy. More importantly, it’s what happens when you not only vote, but you feel like you voted FOR something.