On Kristin’s List: Obama victory

Kristin Bedford, she of Kristin’s List, the LA culture guide, put her site on hold for the month preceding Election Day and volunteered to work for the Obama campaign at the United Democratic Headquarters field office in Pasadena.

I recently paid a visit to the headquarters, where Bedford is the neighborhood leader program coordinator. Even two weeks before the election, the place was a beehive of activity. Between phone calls and a flurry of co-workers consulting with her, she managed to take a moment to tell us what’s going on as Election Day approaches.

“The Pasadena Democratic Headquarters is organizing a gigantic get-out-the-vote¬† operation which requires tons of volunteers,” she said.

The office has been humming along for months but as the Nov. 4th approaches, and as donations to the Obama campaign have far surpassed his opponent’s, the Lake Ave. operations have kicked into high gear.¬† With a river of money still flowing into the campaign’s coffers, Obama’s voter outreach effort has surpassed any previous such efforts.

“It is massive,” says Bedford. “Folks can do phone banking, put door hangers on local door knobs which tell people the location of their polling place, help direct headquarters traffic, put out food– essentially help with everything.

“I’ll be working seven days a week through Election Day. We are going to win this one.”

And after her “political sabbatical?”

“I promise that post-November 4th, Kristin’s List will be chock-full of lively cultural events!”