Win Tix to The Faint with Dr. Dooom & Mika Miko on Monday Wednesday

Finally, The Faint are back! They play the Wiltern on Monday Wednesday the 3rd 5th. The last time I saw The Faint I didn’t actually see them; they were playing The Smell downtown, which is basically an overgrown hallway with cool art, great bands, an amazing proprietor and awesome vegan food. The band was at one end of the long, narrow venue, and I was at the other end, standing on tip-toes at five-foot-one. Suffice to say I only *heard* the music that night, and didn’t actually SEE anything. But what I heard was still awesome.

So I’m not only thrilled they’ll be playing, but to ice the cake–oh hell, to throw a whole ‘nother cake into the party–Dr. Dooom (that’s Kool Keith, people, the guy who founded Ultramagnetic MC’s) will be opening. Opening? Really? Seems like they should share equal billing. But hey, I ain’t complaining. Add local awesome noizepunkers Mika Miko and this show will get music nerds slobbering.

So, you want tickets? Tell me your favorite line from a Kool Keith, UMCs, or Dr. Octagon or Dr. Doom rap. We’ll pick a lucky winner to get tickets.

5 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Faint with Dr. Dooom & Mika Miko on Monday Wednesday”

  1. I saw The Faint last August and they put on an amazing show. We were all dancing.

    I already got my ticket, just wanted to say that they play the Wiltern on Wednesday the 5th, not Monday.

  2. Thank you! You’re right. Goldenvoice’s original mailing to me said it was on the 3rd, but they then got back to me to let me know it was on the 5th–and I missed that email, Thanks for reminding me!

  3. “May they beat his bowels with a ten-pound hammer til his asshole
    Whistles the star-spangled banner.”

    so poetic haha

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