ICME: “X” marks the spot but why?

It caught my eye and I don't know why.

It caught my eye and I don't know why.


Today is one of those blah days.  No energy but wanted to do something.  The thought of TV bored me.  The thought of another campaigner on the stoop wasn’t too thrilling either.  Everyone else in the house was in the same funk, maybe the post halloween sugar crash?  

I meandered over to the Lario Bike Trail and Park over in Azusa just off Foothill.  With camera in hand I took off along the various paths along the railroad tracks.  I just enjoyed the brisk breeze on an autumn day.  I brought along my camera but wasn’t really too motivated to shoot. 

A few things caught my eye along the way.  To see them all you need to make the jump.

Lace panties in the tumbleweeds...big wind but them there?
Lace panties in the tumbleweeds...big wind but them there?
Why did everyone turn left at the fork in the path?
Why did everyone take a left at the fork?
Great view up into Azusa Canyon
Great view up into Azusa Canyon
San Gabriel Mountains looking west towards Pasadena.
San Gabriel Mountains looking west towards Pasadena.

I have to admit having so much nature around the LA area is nice.  This is among my favorite places to just meander about.  What is yours?

All the pics are by me, taken with the trusty Che-ez Snap a .3 megapixel camera always strapped to my key chain.  More images from it in my Che-ez flickr set.

4 thoughts on “ICME: “X” marks the spot but why?”

  1. The rail adjacent sign is to alert the train engineer of a nearby at grade crossing (intesection) and not only to be extra vigilant, but to begin sounding the train’s horn in the requisite long-long-short-long pattern.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. Seriously, does Brian Humphrey know everything? I’m always impressed with the answers he’s got, but I hope that he has to look some of them up. If he just pulls this stuff off the top of his head…well, that makes me feel comparatively dumb.

    Of course, I always learn just a little bit more each time that happens. Thanks Brian.

  3. I don’t know how you would rate it for a bike ride, but one of my most favorite places is Millard Canyon in Altadena…it’s a lot of uphill but once you’re down in the canyon you’ll be amazed by the place. Check out:
    http://tchester.org/sgm/trails/millard.html for more info…I know if you have a car you have to have a permit (for local national forests), I don’t know if you need one for a bike. The website talks about the hike upstream, I also like to go a half-mile to a mile downsteam also…there are alders, big leaf maples, lots of other local plants you don’t see on the dry hillsides..and the creek itself. The road goes through the park, but I’ve never hiked much past the top of the hill…too dry, and I am too lazy…

  4. I have to agree Brian Humphrey is always spot on with the answers and a good resource. He’s also really good to all of us bloggers and helps us out, often.

    I have heard of Millard Canyon but never made it over there. Are you sure there are maples there? If so I’m in for shooting before they finish changing color.

    The Lario Trail is primarily bike, but there is ample room for peds and trails to explore.

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