Where did all the trick or treaters go?


The leftover goodies that went unclaimed at my house.
The leftover goodies that went unclaimed at my house.

Is it just me or were the Trick or Treaters way down this year?  My street has always been a hit or miss so it is hard to tell by our traffic.  I took my youngest out for his last year of trick or treating and we ventured off the street as legend has it one of the streets above us does “only big candy bars”.  Even off the street for the most part it was lighter traffic than usual.

It was scary seeing the other neighborhoods around me.  Barely 1 in 4 homes were handing anything out.  Even fewer homes were decorated for the day with mazes, haunted houses or just great yard art.  Both a big departure from years past.

While I was pondering what happened I noticed on my facebook feed that a metblog writer in New Orleans, Daneeta Loretta had run a post with a similar observation there titled “Silent Night, Hallow Night”.  I guess the economy freak out is much bigger than I thought, certainly much deeper than the signs I see around my little corner of LA.

I heard from my friend Jeff  who turns his house into a “haunted house” and he had over 600 kids visit this year.  My daughter spent hours in line in Old Pas for a Haunted House there.  Old Town Monrovia was packed with kids for their afterschool party that included trick-or-treating.  Did everyone shift from door-to-door in favor of those activities?

How was your  Trick or Treater traffic?  What was your take on the shift in traffic?

(The pic is by me, trusty phone cam, and this year we gave pretzels and I am so glad as I wouldn’t want it to be that much candy left in the house to tempt me).

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  1. Halloween Sunset Junction (Silver Lake) style.
    As usually my husband stayed home to give out goodies and I accompanied our daughter (age 8) and 4 of her friends out trick or treating. Along the way we hooked up with other groups and ended up with over 20 kids and 6 adults. We tricked or treated the residents with in a block of Sunset and all the business on Sunset Blvd (excluding the bars and sex shopps). All the long standing shopps and restaurants were expecting us and had great goodies ( thanks comic book store for giving the kids something to read instead of candy and thank you Serfios for giving them posters and stickers!), many of the newer and or up scale establishments had nothing for our little scavengers. It always amuses me how surprised the trendiest of the restaurants are, year after year, by the appearances of children in customs each 31st of October. You would think they would buy a bag or two of 99 cent only store candy and have the parking attendant hand it out the kids to avoid having 20 or so kids march into their white linen table cloth dinning rooms, disturbing their up scale patrons.

    We spent about 2 hours on our expedition.

    At home: the husband gave away 4 bags worth of candy. He was almost out of candy when I returned with my group of 5. Once we were completely out of candy, we started giving away the candy my daughter and her friends did not want.

    All in all , a very typical Sunset Junction Halloween evening.

  2. I talk to a lot with other parents (from my kid’s school, the YMCA, the City pool, in the extended neighborhood and in two Yahoo “public school parents groups”). Over the last few weeks many of these parents were talking about the Halloween thing- to trick or treat or not; go to the rec. center events, church run carnivals (were their impressionable younges will get a hefty dose of the evils of Halloween and the devil) or from the new family from a very small Asia country (I will respect their privacy and not name the country) “what is this ‘trick or treat?” The top issues preventing parents from doing the trick or treating thing was fear (and in Silver Lake and Echo Park, all the f’en hills!!). Fear of strangers (kind of sad so many of these parents don’t know their neighbors)(a note here- almost of all the kids who came to our house were kids from our block- or my daughters), of child haters, of pedophiles. Of everything. And this year, so many of these parents seam to be more fearful then in years past.

  3. Just got back from Chicago and i wanted to say that we didn’t get a single tricker treater up to our house in echo park, on Halloween. We walked across the street and gave all of the candy we bought to the neighbors.

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