No Sarah Palin?

Some fellow West Siders and I invaded Long Beach last night for a really fun Halloween party at a friend’s house.  At most Halloween parties I have ever been to, usually, a few people are dressed as someone or something that is topical at the time in the popular culture.  This can include the political culture, especially in an election year.  Therefore, I cannot believe that no one showed up to the party last night dressed as Sarah Palin.

The costumes last night were fun and creative. We had two gals from “Mad Men,” Mr. and Mrs. Peanut, the Tooth Fairy, a 6 foot-plus leprechaun, a ballerina, a Red State redneck, a Wall Street banker, an archeologist, a nerd, a fisherman, a sushi chef, Joan Jett, Pam Grier, and even Bill Lumbergh from “Office Space.”  But no Sarah Palin?  What are the odds?  If ever someone was both ubiquitous in the popular culture for the moment, and easy to caricature, surely it is Sarah Palin.  Tina Fey even showed us how it’s done.  And, our party even had one woman who, if she puts on glasses, looks just like Sarah Palin. 

Maybe I should have gone as Sarah Palin.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has a hilarious slideshow of Sarah Palin-costumed Halloween goers here.

4 thoughts on “No Sarah Palin?”

  1. I’d have shown up as sarah if only I could have found a moose head or stuffed toy bulldog I could have put lipstick on. Instead I took my youngest trick-or-treating in regular clothes and when asked what I was, I simply told them “the curmudgeon next door, now give the kid some candy”.

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