Prop 8 tied in new internal poll

A Prop 8 round-up


The Atlantic magazine reports today that a new internal poll by supporters of Proposition 8 reveals the ballot measure tied at 44% to 44% among those polled. Prop 8 would rewrite the California state constitution to eliminate the right to marry for same sex couples.

California Faultline‘s David Markland (former LA Metblogs captain) says a recent Public Policy Inst. of CA poll showed Prop 8 being defeated, with 44% of those polled supporting it while 52% opposed it.

LA Times ran an editorial saying the governor has reneged on his April promise to oppose Prop 8, siting a statement he made in April to gay political organization Log Cabin Republicans. “I will always be there to fight against that because it should never happen,” said Schwarzenegger.  He also called the proposition “a total waste of time.”

No on Prop 8 has a slew of ads on their site in English and Spanish by community leaders and show biz celebs, as well as a series of clever spots modeled on the “Mac vs. PC” ads from Apple. (The company recently announced a $100,000 donation to defeat Prop 8.)

Bay Area Reporter today reports the No on Prop 8 organizations have caught up to supporters of the amendment in dollars raised to the tune of $32 million. But yesterday, civil rights non-profit Equality California posted on it’s website that $3 million was urgently needed by weeks end or Prop 8 would most likely pass, due to huge infusions of money coming from the Utah-based Mormom church.

SF Chronicle says Mormons are receiving a disproportionate amount of the heat over their support for Prop 8, considering that only 2% of the Californians are LDS members. However, the article also points out:

The Yes on 8 campaign estimates that up to 40 percent of its donations come from Mormons. Some others estimate that Mormons account for over 70 percent of donations from individuals.

(Could it be payback for Hollywood’s depiction of the polygamous lifestyle of the sect on HBO’s Big Love and the gay-themed movie Latter Days, which told the romantic story of a relationship between a Mormon missionary and the West Hollywood gay guy he falls in love with?)

SF Gate has a handy data-base that allows you to search for the names of contributors and the amount they donated on either side of the issue. You can search by name as well as by state, city and zip codes. Get to know your neighbors!

Out in Hollywood reported that Ellen Degeneris has contributed a large sum for No on 8 advertising, as well as releasing her own video ad to counter false, misleading ads released by Prop 8 supporters.

2 thoughts on “Prop 8 tied in new internal poll”

  1. This was the topic of heated debate last night at happy hour. You know which corner I was in. Half the people were dead set against, their argument in favor floored me. “We have to preserve traditional marriage as what will happen next, people are allowed to marry their pets?”. Um…kink9 is already against the law and that won’t happen.

    The other half were on the fence. None could answer how their marriages would be affected if two people in love who happened to be same sex were allowed to be married, they could not answer. I pointed out that not 5 minutes prior we were catching up on every ones activities and it was mentioned a dear old friend not present, Scott was moving into a house with his new bf in Palm Springs. When I asked if it was right to deny him the right to marry the one he loves. They joined me on no on 8.

    Keep the posts coming Chal. I’ll do what I can on my end (already donated more than I could really afford to the cause) and keep arguing the “no hate, no on 8” whenever I can.

  2. The bestial argument is so ridiculous, but people seem genuinely concerned about so I have found the best way to diffuse that one is not to point out that is so silly as to be beyond belief. I have had much better results explaining the legal reasons why it would never happen.

    Marriage is a social contract, why would any creature not legally capable of signing a contract be allowed to marry?

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