Classic Eats Evening Gentle Reminder

Just a quick reminder that next Saturday, November 8, is our first LA Metblogs Classic Eats Evening. We are starting at 5:30pm at Clifton’s Cafeteria then heading over to the Bonaventure hotel around 7:30 to hang out in the BonaVista Lounge, watching LA revolve/devolve/evolve around us. All of you, dear readers, are invited to join us and help us explore this awesome city that we all call home.

This is the first evening in a series, so start thinking about other classic places that would make a good pairing for the next event. Canter’s and Formosa Cafe? Phillipe’s and Musso and Frank’s? You get the idea. Send suggestions for two classic pairings that are near each other to make travel easy. Hollywood, Downtown, The Valley, Long Beach, San Pedro, East LA, West LA, anywhere. There are no hard and fast rules to what constitutes “Classic” — I think it’s like porn: you know when you see it.

See you on the 8th!

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