Halloween Maze and aMAZEment.

click for a larger view of the invitation

click for a larger view of the invitation

A favorite the last few years in my ‘hood has been the Halloween Maze put up by the folks on Foothill Blvd.  With the invitation being plastered all over town I guess the secret is out and will let all of LA in on the not so secret maze.  It is open for viewing most every night this week, but to actually see it in person you need to be there Halloween night from dark until it closes at 9:30PM.  Have fun and watch for my kidlets there-again!  (Google Map Link provided for your ease of locating)

Pic of the invite done by me with the trust phone cam.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Maze and aMAZEment.”

  1. Because this is a maze built with fences, canopies and other props that cover the entire front yard and then some. That is why this is a maze and not a haunted house. There are plenty of haunted houses in the area, the best one is at the old United Bank building in Old Pas but that one isn’t free.

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