Defeat Prop 4!

A lot of money is being thrown around many of the propositions, but I’ve yet to see ONE commercial or flyer or even MENTION of Proposition 4, which would amend the constitution to prohibit abortion for unemancipated girls until 48 hours after minor’s parents or legal guardian has been notified.

THIS is the threat to abortion rights, not a bunch of people from both sides yelling about maybe revisiting Roe v. Wade.

THIS is where your freedom will be eroded.

THIS is the enemy.


Oh and if this crap seems familiar that’s because it is. Both Proposition 73 in November 2005 and Proposition 85 in November 2006 would have required doctors to notify a minor’s parent or legal guardian 48 hours before performing an abortion. BOTH WERE DEFEATED.

Let’s make this this clear yet again.

6 thoughts on “Defeat Prop 4!”

  1. At first glance I have to admit I thought, wtf if it were my daughter I’d want to know. Then I thought for a second and I cannot back this measure.

    As a parent its emotional, but I honestly believe my kid would tell me if she wound up pregnant (which won’t happen as she gets it that there is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy). Parents and kids who have a decent relationship this isn’t a problem. The kids where their father did it, they were raped, in an abusive home or relationship doesn’t need the additional problems.

    Nice post, but everyone is to pre-occupied with the white house and 8 this time around. Someone needs to get the message out that this could cause more problems than it will help.

  2. I agree that this one is flying under the radar. The only commercial I’ve seen on either side is a Yes on 4 commercial.

    I can’t say for sure, but I think that a lot of people that would be more vocal and active in working against this are focusing on defeating Prop. 8.

  3. The only place I have seen an anti Prop4 spot has been during the Daily Show a couple of times.

    While 4 will most certainly cause death because it will create a black market for clandestine abortions – 8 is a much easier position to morally defend with less grey areas to argue about. Maybe I’m just cynical about people’s inability to equally fight for more than one thing at the same time with their advanced monkey brains focused on both.

    If both props don’t go down in flames next week, it’ll be yet another sad commentary on just how “liberal” California is (or isn’t).

  4. I put so much of myself into Prop 85 emotionally (I was pregnant, on purpose, which made me way more weepy and also way more pro-choice) that I admit this time I am just hoping it goes away.

  5. Should children need to get permission from a parent before obtaining less serious services such as plastic surgery, getting a tattoo or piercing, or, say, appearing on film or signing any sort of contract?
    Police need parental permission or a lawyer present before interrogating a minor.
    I’m voting no on this, but do wonder if perhaps there should be some sort of third party involved – like a social worker – who should be informed before a doctor is allowed to proceed with such a procedure.

  6. I too am afraid that this prop isn’t getting enough attention, will go under the radar, and even people who are pro-choice might not give it a good enough thought to realize that while it is a great idea to have parents notified, it shouldn’t be made into a law for those that do not have supportive families.

    Here is a link to a NO on prop 4 ad that I not only think is really well done, and have seen a handful of times aired on TV:

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