ICME: Opossums Being Evicted?

Has it come to this? Has our economic meltdown gotten so bad that the Opossums are being thrown out of their homes? I guess the loan requirements were even more relaxed than I thought.

It’s rare for us to see opossums at night on the west side, but I saw Momma Opossum this morning walking along our fence with her four little ones. Poor things. I know they are not the prettiest of creatures, but you have to feel for single mom here, trying to find a place to camp for the day. It was waaaaaay past everyone’s bedtime (8am this morning). I guess they got scared off by some other critter and had to move. I just hope she found a warm comfy spot to curl up with the little ones.

2 more pix of the displaced family after the jump.

You can click all the photos for bigger baby opossum cuteness.

My first instinct was to call Will Campbell — LA’s very own St. Francis.

6 thoughts on “ICME: Opossums Being Evicted?”

  1. I always thought of Will as the partron saint of beleagured bikers, but he does a fair job with the critters too.

    I bet they are glad they are by you and not me. For reasons I can’t explain the hawks were around this morning feeding.

  2. Ha! Any yooz calls me Francis — ‘n I killya!

    I’m very jealous. What an awesome thing you got to witness in that possum momma shuttling her young’uns. And isn’t that remarkable how she can make her way along the narrow fence slats carrying all her babies!? Damn.

    I wouldn’t worry about this family too much. Certainly being on the move during the day makes it appear as if their nest has been compromised or otherwise disturbed, but hopefully she’ll find a new sfae place to call home where here babes’ll be safe.

  3. Will, I was out of my chair like a shot when I saw Momma O trundling along outside my window. I felt bad because I knew I was making her uncomfortable when I went outside to take that first snap. And Travis, if I knew how to do time lapse, I would love to for the fence along the back of our house. Seems be a great E/W thoroughfare in our neighborhood.

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