Flavors for Change at Scoops

Inspired by the current election season and Barack Obama’s presidential bid, SCOOPS ice creamery in East Hollywood is proud to announce a new campaign: FLAVORS FOR CHANGE

There was an OBAMA ICE CREAM SOCIAL tonight and I couldn’t make it… but it’s not too late to taste Flavors for Change!  What is this, you ask???

For the last few weeks, Scoops has been collecting flavors inspired by “the Obama campaign, the election, his opponents, our hopes for our country’s future.”

This week (through October 31), Tai will serve from the flavor pool created by the public, with 20 percent of the proceeds from that week going to the Obama Victory Fund.

Reported flavors:

  • Obaiden (Half Chocolate/ Half Vanilla)
  • Blueberry Butterfinger
  • Banana Bacon
  • Pistachio Lavender

All of the flavors had subtitles, but alas, I wasn’t there to take copious notes or to partake.

Were you?

712 N Heliotrope Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649
Monday – Saturday 12pm-10pm; Sunday 2pm-6pm

3 thoughts on “Flavors for Change at Scoops”

  1. For accuracy, shouldn’t the Obaiden be one quarter chocolate, three quarters vanilla? I’m just sayin’.

  2. —Browne using BusTard’s computer.—

    I was thinking the same thing Mason. Obama is biracial, but then I thought maybe I’m being anal, but then I thought if you are going to be so stupid and cheesy to make an ice cream that’s chocolate and vanilla which seems to be pointing to race that you should at least get the race right.


  3. Maybe caramel. Do they have cafe au lait ice cream, maybe either of those two and vanilla…ok I’m going to stop now. Sorry for using your computer BusTard.


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