Beautiful Day For A Bike Ride

For the lack of a lunchtime post of any substance or worthiness, I instead give you the YouTube version of this morning’s bike commute, otherwise known as 16.38 entirely uneventful crosstown miles from Silver Lake to Westchester (route map) timelapsified down to a herky jerky, annotated and musically accompanied 4.3 minutes of alt-transportation from the POV of my handlebar cam:


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Day For A Bike Ride”

  1. I always love the music that accompanies your videos…. :-)

    Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to ride the 16 miles?

  2. Thanks David! I love that YouTube offers such a diverse array of attachable tracks for you to love!

    This was my first time on this route going to work and it took me 70 minutes. It’s normally the route I would take coming home, and it’s about 1.5 miles longer than the route I typically take in the morning, and which I complete somewhere around an hour.

    My fastest ever morning commute was 48 minutes done back in January in which I benefited from catching some awesomely timed green lights.

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