Win Tix to The Notwist at the Fonda on Wednesday!

Before The Postal Service, before Conor Oberst added glitch to his whine, before indie kids nationwide started adding pops and hisses to their tracks, The Notwist morphed their sound from guitar-rock to glitch-poetry, and it created a silent atomic bomb in the indie world. Pitchfork plotzed, party soundtracks got hijacked, and everyone bought Neon Golden.

I never heard it on the radio. I still think Indie had a massive blind spot on that one. OTOH, at that time Indie was owned by Clear Channel and was in an ‘alternative gold’ format, s I guess there wasn’t much chance for The Notwist to get airtime.

After much goofing around & collaborating with other acts, The Notwist has issued their first album in six years, “The Devil, You + Me.” It’s great. It still continues in the vein of Neon Golden, a sound that seems restrained against the current crackle of indie glitch. And I can attest that it’s perfect road trip music.

You couldn’t keep me away from their show this Wednesday with Jel & DJ OddNosdam. And no one should keep you away, either. To win a pair of tickets, comment below and tell me your favorite underappreciated band. We’ll randomly pick a few winners to go to the show! If you’d like to just buy tix, you can go here.

5 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Notwist at the Fonda on Wednesday!”

  1. My favorite under appreciated band is the Italian experimental/pop group Jennifer Gentle. The 2007 release, The Midnight Room, was one of the years best. They take a page from Syd Barrett, add in pop and haunting arrangements and soak it all in reverb to make for one of the most original sounding bands I’ve heard in ages.

  2. Not entering the contest, just wanted to say that I am lucky enough to have a cousin that worked for Zero Hour records, the label that first released The Notwist in the US. She always sent me new stuff from the label, and I got some of the Notwist’s earlier, very punk, stuff. When I first listened to Shrink, their album before Neon Golden (and better, I think), I was blown away. Unfortunately Zero Hour didn’t survive and Domino released Neon Golden, and now the rest is history. But Zero Hour was there first!

  3. I’m entering the contest and breaking the rules at the same time.

    My favorite OVER-appreciated band is Guided By Voices. Are they really geniuses? Or are they merely drunkards who have slurred messily, jangily, and consistently into microphones for a very long time? Does it matter that I don’t “get” their music if I still put it on and draw pictures and sing along? I don’t think they’re brilliant. But I sure do like them.

    Tricycle looper. Come on, get looped!

  4. I am entering the contest and hope to win.

    My favorite under-appreciated musician has to be Burnt Friedman. Virtually unknown to Americans, the man is a genius of rhythm, beats and abstract melodies. As a member of Flanger and many other entities, he has kept a once struggling label alive (nonplace) by continually producing and collaborating with other musicians in the dub & jazz worlds.

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