Reaching the Chinese-American & Taiwanese-American community to vote NO on Prop 8 in California

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have lunch with two awesome Asian American women in K-Town.  We discussed various topics, but the discussion eventually got around to Prop 8.  Cyn3matic said that she had recently gone to Ranch 99 in the San Gabriel Valley for groceries but was hassled by groups of Chinese/Taiwanese people who were trying to get people registered to vote specifically to vote for Prop 8.  Some parts of the Chinese/Taiwanese community, particularly the churches, have been actively reaching out in this way.

To counter efforts like these, on Thursday, October 23rd, API Equality LA gathered various Asian American leaders at the Japanese American National Museum’s National Center for the Preservation of Democracy for a press conference to say NO to PROP 8.

Speakers included some powerful folks:  California Board of Equalization Chair Judy Chu, Assembly members Mike Eng, Ted Lieu, and Warren Furutani, and actor (and newlywed) George Takei.

One of the most compelling speakers was school board member, Jay Chen, who addressed the lies that same-sex marriage would be taught in schools.

Here is his speech in English.

And a corresponding one in Mandarin.  (If you have Mandarin-speaking family members who are confused, please share this video with them before election day.)

11 thoughts on “Reaching the Chinese-American & Taiwanese-American community to vote NO on Prop 8 in California”

  1. I am intrigued as to why the no on 8 campaign has not pointed out to asians, hispanics and african americans(who are a large population who will probably be voting yes on 8)WHY are their no campaign ads pointing out that it wasnt THAT long ago when they could not marry outside of thier race in a hetrosexual marriage, let alone have the right to even vote. I’m just wondering is all.

  2. Lezgull,

    Your statement comes off as pretty accusatory. Heck it is accusatory. How do you know what we’re voting for. We are just a monolithic group? We aren’t individuls? Only white people are individuals that get the benefit of being judged by choices that they make individually.

    I’m not voting for Prop 8.

    What’s up with the “THEY” thing. Just for your information THEY didn’t write this law. The same people who prevented “THEY” from getting married at all for African-Americans during certain points in history and prevented miscenegation is not “THEY”.

    Now have you been to the black or latino or asian blogs. Have you hung in any of those communities, if not how do you know what “THEY” are doing. Oh because some of YOU said this is how THEY are going to vote.

    I know on my blog I talked about this issue. I’m black just so you know. I bring it up alot, but you know people are pretty freakin ignorant and I think letting it known I’m in the room can prevent certain people from showing their behinds as you have.

    I know Jasmyne Cannick has also talked about this issue.

    So before you start accusing people that you don’t talk to or know or care about you should at least do a google.

    You want to stereotype someone, why don’t you move away from the black, latino and asian people and talk to some Mormons, because they seem to have a vested interested in taking away people’s rights.

    Browne Molyneux

  3. i am latino you idiot. ive seen the signs in the hood and looked at the polls. dont assume im white because i know ignorant minorities!

  4. Dear Lapdog aka Lezgull,

    I knew you were a self hating minority and for your info ethnic people can be prejudice just like white people and often are very good at, see certain black cops in the LAPD.

    So you know what’s going on in the “‘hood”?

    Oh god, so people of color are all ‘hood and ghetto and white people are all middle class. That sort of points to what I accused you of before (and you proved it yet again with your next post), you know stereotyping.

    Why would you choose this blog to ask the question of what “THEY” are doing? How many people from the ‘hood, since that is your demographic you are referring to do you think read this blog? I’m going to guess not many. I got a bit tired of reading minorities being generalized for the amusement of others, so I don’t even come here as much and I’m and not exactly what you would call from the ‘hood, so who is the idiot? I think you are idiot, but what do I know I’m just a poor girl from the ghetto, since all black and latinos are from the ghetto and all asian people are rich and all of us lumped together are all WAY more homophobic than everyone white people.

    I’m sick of people saying that truly I am and I’m even more sick of minorities who used to live in the hood, but don’t anymore giving commentary on what people in the hood do or don’t do.

    I still notice no comments on you about the Mormons.

    I got a question for you lezgull.

    What do you think your assumption in regards to prop 8 is based on class or is it based on race. If you were smart (which I am going to guess you are not) you would see its really a class thing and in general if you take the same demographic of white people who are blue collar type workers, I bet they would be just as homophobic….Now in ALL of California who do you think if you would break it down by race which demographic is larger and more likely to vote, white working class or people of color working class, now if you took the time to research average voter and who is in the working class demographic in California which goes beyond LA you would see that the black, latino and asian ghettos are probably not the ghettos you should be concerning yourself with.

    You probably should be looking at Torrance, Hemet, Riverside, Blythe Tujunga…because that’s the group of people that is going to pass Prop 8, not the 6 black people and 15 asians…and come now where you really referring to latinos in your comment. I’m going to bet you kind of were not, in general people bring up miscenegation they are talking about black people…oh are you black too, so that makes what you said ok and not totally ignorant.

    Ok then…


  5. btw thank you julia for not yelling at me for pointing out a way to get people to vote no on 8 no matter who they are or what it takes

  6. Let me add “women” OF ALL RACES to people who couldnt vote to the mix so that you can chill a little.

  7. Lezgull,

    (I made it about race?!! Let’s look at the title of this post? You then continued the theme of this post and made it about race by implying that we (poc) are more homophobic than white people. You even emphasized with the “THEY” statement, so get out of here with your backtracking.)

    First you imply something that is my opinion a little bit stereotypical, unapologetically. Then I state my opinion and you call me an idiot, so whatever on the, “Thanks for not yelling at me Julia.”

    You didn’t think with your comment. You had no concern with your comment.

    And I’m sorry if certain Obama supporting people are offended that I challenge the status quo pseudo liberal way of thinking that asserts that Asians, African-Americans and Latino are more ignorant and homophobic than white people.

    I totally get that’s the program here, but I’m going to say I don’t agree and I’m not going to say it nicely. You already have lots of people telling you things nicely here.

    Maybe people who are against Prop 8 should have talked to people of color at times other than when they wanted something, that would probably be a good start and probably something that should have started about five years ago and not only when you need someone to vote for something in five minutes.

    The mainstream gay organization according to my friends who are poc and gay (more specifically black gays and lesbians) have some issues with race. I was pretty shocked about this, but that’s what I hear from people who have worked at mainly white gay organization. Also in the past there were issues that impacted poc (187, 209…), where people who supported gay rights onboard and up front on those issues?

    I don’t think it should be this you hit me and I hit you thing. I firmly support the rights of everyone, but I also don’t like this separation, self-interest thing I see that people don’t give a crap about helping people unless it is trendy or it is part of group that they belong to, that’s crap.

    You should all take a look at Jasmyne Cannick a lesbian african-american blogger she talks at great length on several post about Prop 8 and people of color. If you want a perspective outside of the, “minorites are homophobic” rhetoric…


  8. You lost me at……nevermind, i will agree with one you thing you wrote….. gay people do have a “deal” with race.reason being, many people who had their rights violated in the past want nothing to do with gay people. so the whole lesson about rights was never correctly learned. And we dont like that type of ignorance. Stop the hate vote no on 8.

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