See You Saturday at the Baby Doll Brawl!

So this weekend’s chock-full of great things to do, but I’m most excited about the Derby Dolls’ Halloween-themed bout, which will feature their up-and-coming new crop of Dolls (including local blogger Mickipedia). Plus, at halftime, the 9-to-17-year-old girls who went thru the Dolls’ summer camp will show off their moves. There’ll be the usual bands, booze and insanity, plus badass broads. And, possibly, blood & bruises. Such are the perils of kicking ass and taking names.

Should be a great event and I can say with certainty that quite a few local bloggers will be in the stands cheering on our faves. Maybe we’ll see you there too!

For info, tix, time, direx and all that fun stuff, go here.