The other shoe – Bratton records robo-calls for Obama

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What was it – oh, yesterday, when I wondered why the hell LAPD Chief William Bratton would yell “terrorism!” into a theater already mobbed with stressed-out, trigger-happy voters?

Well, here’s another clue to the payoff: Times blogger Joel Rubin’s scoop that Bratton has recorded a robo-call announcement shilling for presidential candidate Barack Obama – or, more to the point – attacking GOP rival John McCain’s record on crime and punishment:

The message reportedly criticizes the record of Republican Party presidential nominee John McCain on law enforcement issues.

A spokesperson for Bratton confirms that he has recorded the political campaign message but would not provide details of its content or where the Obama campaign plans to use it.

My beef’s not with anyone backing Obama – quite the contrary, the man is currently the best man in the race for the job, and I’m curious to hear what he has to say about McCain’s law-n-order chops.

My quarrel is with Bratton abusing his taxpayer-funded position to engage in politics waaay out of his jurisdiction. Sure, law enforcement is a local issue everywhere. But if Rubin’s sources are correct, this feels suspiciously like chair-fluffing for a cabinet seat in an Obama administration.

So, what’s your bet – Homeland Security or Department of Justice?

9 thoughts on “The other shoe – Bratton records robo-calls for Obama”

  1. I dont think this is any different from Mayor Villaraigosa endorsing Obama or Governor Schwarzenegger endorsing McCain

    My guess is DoJ

  2. DoJ
    That totally sucks. Public officials using public resources used for further campaign of a single candidate is just wrong.

    I have to disagree with you on Obama though. Both are the worst choices since I have been voting. I am so tired of every election being faced with a douche and a turd and trying to decide which will do the least damage.

  3. We can agree to disagree on Obama over beers, where it won’t be off-topic. :)

    shimane – really interesting reading. Thanks for posting that.

    We’re left to wonder this morning exactly which state the Bratton-bot will be calling, but since California’s hardly a battleground state, I’m betting at least he won’t be breaking the law on his own turf.

  4. I don’t know what the law is, but it’s unseemly at best to have a public official first try to scare us with terrorism speculation (which many thought was an attempt to benefit McCain), then do robocalls for the other candidate. Maybe Bratton is trying to hedge his bets? At the federal level at least, doesn’t the Hatch Act prevent these types of activities? How about that sherriff who appeared in uniform at a McCain rally and starting criticizing “Barack Hussein Obama?”

  5. Mack, I made my vote, and since you made your opinion on one candidate I figure my response would be equally on point. This would be a good over beer discussion on the side too.

    My vote stays. I believe it is terribly wrong for Bratton to say or do anything without a credible threat. Even worse that a robo-dial is even rumored as a possibility.

  6. I’m not sure how anyone else defines “robo call,” but I would define it as (1) made with a recorded voice rather than a live human on the calling end; and (2) sent out en masse, using automatic dialing technology. It’s pretty much the telephone equivalent of spam.

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