Ma-Ma-Ma My Ballona!

Prompted by the attack on a cyclist riding Ballona Creek in August, Damien Newton at Streetsblog Los Angeles spearheaded the gathering together of a group of cyclists — myself included — to become the Concerned Cyclists of Ballona Creek and brainstorm ways to increase awareness and connection to the waterway’s off-street bikepath so integral to the westside communties it serves, yet one becoming increasingly disenfranchised because of short-sighted efforts by crime-weary residents, impatient politicians and over-burdened law enforcement. And the thugs too, of course.

The result of those brainstorms was: group fun rides hell yeah! And the first one is happening this Saturday at 11 a.m. (now made even more important in the wake of another cyclist being assaulted last week, dammit!).

We will gather at the Culver Drive entrance to the bikeway, just west of Sawtelle Boulevard, and depart heading bayward on a 3.7-mile casually paced ride to the bridge over the creek’s mouth (7.4-mile if you roundtrip it; route map). Nonprofits organizations such as the Friends of Ballona Wetlands and the Ballona Creek Renaissance will be setting up tables to supply information about other events and usage for the creek, its wetlands and the bikeway.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it Saturday there’s another one slated for November 8.

Link to big version of the awesome poster by Joseph Pritchard.

4 thoughts on “Ma-Ma-Ma My Ballona!”

  1. until this site i heard of one instance my friend telling me of an attack a while back but perpetrated by a homeless fellow. this bothers me because i was on the path and did not even know. which bothers me because i did not hear about it on local news or anywhere other than here. The attacks being so recent and in high numbers means no serious police work is being done.i am going to be there. i use the path that means for me i support the path. in which i feel that i also i support others that use it and the community. It’s going to be fun!

  2. The LAPD needs to sick the Special Investigations Squad (SIS) on these cretins and put them permanently out of business! These thugs only commit these cowardly robberies because they know they can get away with them with impunity.

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