…annnnnd win tickets to Dar Williams & Shawn Mullins at the El Rey!

We’re just chock-full of FREE STUFF lately! In addition to Stereolab, below, I’ve got tickets & cds for Dar Williams’ show at the El Rey tomorrow. This cutie patootie will be onstage with the charming Shawn Mullins. Isn’t she just adorable?! You know you want to go. Enter your favorite silly nickname (“Dar” was Mullins’ sister’s mispronunciation of “Dorothy”) in the comments & if you win we’ll give you tickets & a cd. Info on the show is here.

3 thoughts on “…annnnnd win tickets to Dar Williams & Shawn Mullins at the El Rey!”

  1. A childhood friend is cursed to going through life with the name “Bizzy” because her older sister couldn’t say “Elizabeth.” That’s a fave of mine.

  2. Wow, I haven’t seen Dar in like 8 years!! I’ll never forget her silly Christians and Pagans song. Thank God for folkies like her!

    I’m going with “Gaydar”, even though she’s not, because both my lesbian cousins love her. :-)

  3. My maternal grandmother wanted my Mom to name me Amy. My mother didn’t care for that name and chose Jodi. Well, my grandmother wasn’t pleased and called me “Amy” until I was about 4 years old. She even sent birthday cards to me addressed to “Amy S…” It got to the point where I would cry when she called me that and say, “That’s not my name!”

    The only reason my grandmother, a staunch lifelong Republican, stopped using this nickname was because Jimmy Carter became President and happened to have a daughter named “Amy.”

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