East Valley Health Center new clinic opening reception 10/22

Call to artists to help fill the clinic walls with art.

Invite does get bigger with a click
Invite does get bigger with a click

  East Valley Community Health Center (EVCHC) is having a grand opening celebration for their new clinic.  There will be several speakers and local dignitaries present.  Of course there will be refreshments.   All of  the RSVP details are after the jump.  Scheduled speakers are Congresswoman Hilda L Solis (32nd Dist of CA), County Supervisors Michael D Antonovich an Gloria Molina.
Mila Arroyo of the EVCHC showed up a recent MAFA meeting.  It isn’t uncommon for people to show up asking us for help.  This visit touched me.  EVCHC is a non-profit that managed to build a huge new clinic to serve the poorest of the poor in the San Gabriel Valley.   The last bit they needed help with was to bring cheer to the building and their patients.  She came to MAFA asking if the artists would be willing to help by lending or donating art to them. 

I was in.  Mila didn’t have to sell me with the healing power of art and a happy environment is better than sterile beige walls.  They needed the help and that was enough.  I donated the art as I understand how hard it is to keep walls full with loaned pieces.

East Valley needs artists to help them out where they can.  Personally I know there are many artists out there who have a piece or two sitting in storage somewhere waiting for their next show.  Rather than having it collect dust it can be brought out, shared and brighten up EVCHC’s halls and lobby.  The art can be loaned or donated.  If you donate the EVCHC will give you a letter at your stated value for your taxes next year.

 While touring the facility Monday Mila really gave me a lot of information.  More than I could put here.  In the space of 38 years a small group of dedicated individuals took a small family counseling and planning clinic to a full scale facility serving the community.  They now have general medicine and preventative care, dentistry, a diabetes registry and care program on top of the psychiatric and social medicine they started with. 

ECVH has grown from serving a few hundred patients to 7,500 patients.  Their goal according to Mary Kashmar, Director of Development, is with the new clinic in place to grow by adding 1,200 new patients a year over the next 5 years.  That’s 7000 new patients getting care they would not have had otherwise.  They take all comers to their door, they have sliding scales for patients who can afford to bear some of the cost of their care.  Those that can’t afford anything get all their services provided without charge which is the case for most of their patients. 

The majority of the care is paid for by grants and donations.  According to Mary, “As a business model we don’t make much sense, we could not survive without the generosity of those who donate to us or provide us grants.  Certainly it is easiest to provide care to those with Medical or Medicare but we don’t chose our patients and we must rely on the help from the community to keep our doors open.  The next few years will be tough until the economy picks up again andwe’ll seek help wherever we can find it.”

Several of my peers are going to be adding art to the clinic to bring some life to the walls. If any of the artists reading this have art to spare, either lend or donate contact Mila Arroyo at 626-919-4333 ext 221.

DETAILS: 10/22/08 10AM – 2 PM.  East Valley Community Health Center, 420 S Glendora Ave, West Covina, CA  RSVP Mary Kashmar 626-919-4333 ext 2202 (MAP LINK)

Pic by me and links to larger image.  Sorry for the not so great scan of the invite postcard but a guys gotta work with what he has.

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  1. Fraz, Cheers to you for donating to such a worthy cause. There is so much comfort in a piece of art when you are in a time of trouble. Oftentimes, one can get “lost” in it. I am thankful to those artists who have provided me many moments of “lost time” this year.

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