Bill O’Reilly expects anti-gay Prop 8 to be defeated

Fox News big cheese Bill O’Reilly went on the record tonight on his show, The O’Reilly Factor, stating that he expects California’s anti-gay Proposition 8 to be defeated on November 4th, mentioning the recent court decision in Connecticut as evidence that Americans may be ready for same-sex marriage.

According to an article in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal:

A Sept. 18 poll by the San Francisco-based Field Poll found the measure losing 55% to 38% among likely voters.

But now the measure is favored 48% to 45% among likely voters questioned in an Oct. 17 poll by Survey USA of Verona, N.J. The poll’s margin of error, four percentage points, means the results were a statistical tie.

In an interview with former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, O’Reilly claimed that the US is “drifting to the left” on social and political issues, siting Obama’s strengthening poll numbers.

O’Reilly has played both sides of the debate over gay rights in the past. Yesterday, he lauded actress/singer Hilary Duff for her recent PSA urging teenagers to stop saying, “That’s so gay,” because of its insensitivity to gays.

Photo: Fox News

5 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly expects anti-gay Prop 8 to be defeated”

  1. krazydad spammed, but spammed on topic. To be truthful here the shirt put a knot in my stomach as first view I thought it was offensive. Prop8 isn’t a gay issue, its about dogma driven zealots trying to legislate their view of what is moral. Any attempt to restrict anyones freedom has to be fought and opinions voiced as it affects all of us.

    I don’t know where this is going to end up. I suspect 8 may pass then we need to be prepared to help fund litigation to overturn it once and for all. It happened with 187 it can happen with this if enough people are motivated to protect freedoms.

  2. ps…I saw the rest of his shirts and wonder how much if any of the profits will actually go to the “no on 8” efforts.

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