We Did It! We Walked Western (Part III)

Good Monday morning to you. I’m awake and “moving” this morning and feeling really great about the big walk on Saturday. Will’s post had me nodding and smiling. (Especially about the ibuprofen part.) His flicker set is also way more detailed than mine but I thought I’d throw a few of my photos up of things we saw and said along the way.

We saw two buildings shaped like food during the day. Thought sadly this building no longer sells hot dogs (real estate? insurance? can’t remember…) I’m pleased no one took the big dog down.  

Walk with us down Western a ways…

There is much to see along those 28 miles and not far from the start is a medical aid store, or maybe it’s a museum?  This fascinating item caught our eye.  Someone please explain.  I’m guessing hernia girdle?

It’s always a pleasure to find a non-tagged Shepard Fairey work.

It’s hard *not* to take pictures of the Wiltern.

At 18th we came across quite a terrible looking bus/car crash.  

Further down the road, Will had a quiet moment of reflection at the site of the original Fatburger.

We did need a quick blister avoidance stop.  It was not unexpected, though most of us did just fine.  

I guess technically this qualifies as a building shaped like the food it sells…though it gave us pause that “Fish” is represented by a dolphin.

"I like a big cock."
"I love a big cock."

Who wouldn’t want to stay at the Snooty Fox Motor Inn?

It’s right across the street from the Mustang Motel.

There was a bit of a not so interesting section of Western when all we could focus on was “where is Donut King?”  Finally, we got there…

The other question we had was, “Should we have a donut here if we are going to eat lunch at King’s Hawaiian shortly there after?”  Then someone else asked “How far is King’s Hawaiian?”  And the answer was “It’s about 40 blocks away.”  Decision made.

We burned off the donuts by the time we got to the 405 and our lunch stop.  This was especially awesome for me…


….mmmm….kalua pig, rice, mac salad and lomi salmon.

The lunch stop was at 18 miles and after the salty feast we said good bye to Amanda and Jeff.  David, Will and I trooped on through Torrance, the only thing punctuating our time were two cars who honked and yelled at us.  We swear we heard them say something like “Western Walkers!” and one even took a photo. But if they knew who we were (there were no other walkers through this stretch at all) they didn’t stop to say hello.

As we approached Palos Verdes, we had to stop for some luscious fruit.  It hit the spot though we were all having that chili cough after wolfing down a few bites.

Then it was a long up and down march through the palisades and the decision to end at the ocean (it’s only 2 more miles!).  Just as we got to the end, mere steps away from the finish, we saw this car:


From Will's flickr set
From Will's flickr set

I turned to Will and said, “My god, we’ve been walking so long we’ve traveled through time!”

But at last, the ocean.

I believe my camera was pooping out just as I was.  It just couldn’t focus anymore.

The end was awesome with beers and snacks awaiting us, brought by Susan and Kurt.  What a day.

11 thoughts on “We Did It! We Walked Western (Part III)”

  1. That was great. Thanks, Julia, for clarifying what kalua pig is. Because when I heard the answer to what you were having, the image of a drunken pigs was beginning to join my mental image of alcohol-swilling Kobe beef…

  2. Ha Robertdean! That photo is hilarious! Thanks for checking in and solving the mystery of the car zooming by with the passenger holding a camera out the window. I thought you guys yelled “walkers!”

    There was another vehicle further down aways, heading northbound somewhere in the 24000 blocks that honked twice at us, but couldn’t stop to say hey (probably just as well because we might have asked for a ride the rest of the way).

  3. That was quite an adventure and I’m glad we went! I’m still trying to explain to my friends why I did it (just because!). My feet felt like all the bones were crunching together so I am glad I turned back. it took us an hour and $1.15 to make it all the way back up to Hollywood. Go, public transportation! And of course once we go there, we walked back to the car and I showed Jeff around Fern Dell. Jeff was fine, by the way. Could have walked another 20 miles easy. I fell asleep soon after getting home and am still tired, whereas he is barely sore. I think he stopped and got some of that robot plasma. I’ll get our pictures up this week!

    To skyscraper, I don’t think being in shape has anything to do with it. It wasn’t strenuous and we kept a pretty lazy pace. It’s all about sunscreen, wearing frictionless socks and lubing up your toes to reduce blisters. And the stubborn desire to go on past the pain, to where autopilot kicks in.

  4. Twas not a walk, twas a dash to the sea! Saturday I was watching Will’s tweets and thinking about my own progress the week before wondering if you guys weren’t secretly riding bikes. Congratulations on the impressive feat.

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