Suddenly I’m Steven Seagal

Are you like me? When you see something like this are you overcome with the irresistible urge to punch the gas and drive up onto one of these bad boys?

I’m not constipated and I don’t wear my hair in a pony tail, but today I wasn’t feeling like Steven Seagal; I WAS STEVEN SEAGAL.

(except I didn’t do it)


12 thoughts on “Suddenly I’m Steven Seagal”

  1. It’s Seagal. But he wasn’t really one for car chases or stunts–more martial arts stuff. I’d say more Dukes of Hazzard or A-Team.

  2. Look, I read it when his name was misspelled, I pointed it out, and you seemed to be saying that I was correcting you for something that wasn’t there, but was there when I read it.

    Can we all just agree that Steven Segal is wank?

  3. I’ll admit to enjoying Under Siege when I saw it as a teenager, but the movies where he’s all spiritual while kicking ass are a little bit too self-important for me to take seriously.

  4. I had the displeasure of spending about 90 minutes with Seagal once while I was waiting on him. I can tell you from personal experience: Seagal is a wank.

  5. I love how movie cliches like this one creep into our consciousness. Similarly, whenever I use my little black Mini Mag flashlight, I think of all those high-tech action movies where the burglar or spy, dressed in black and holding his Mini Mag between his teeth, rifles through paper or computer files in a darkened office.

  6. Bullitt andSteve McQueen.
    A lowly merc wouldn’t have done it as well as the Bullitt.
    Great post. I had to laugh. Should we try it with the buzz bomb tomorrow at lunch?

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