Classic Eats Evening – First In A Series

Inspired by a random comment I made in a blog post a few weeks ago, the LA Metblog team decided to plan some Classic Eats Evenings around Los Angeles. The first one is scheduled for Saturday, November 8.

What’s the big idea? Many of us have heard of famous (or infamous) places to eat or drink around LA but have not been to them all. We want to go to them all and we want you to join us.  We have planned the first evening but after that we want your input and ideas. We’ll choose the date, then ask you to suggest places, then we’ll have a vote for each successive evening. Many more details will come along in further posts. For now, save the date on November 8.

The evening will start off at Clifton’s Cafeteria at 5:30pm (they close at 7:30) and then we will meander over to the Bona Vista Lounge in the Bonaventure Hotel for some after dinner drinks. The Bona Vista, in case you didn’t know, revolves 360 degrees in about an hour. That’s some old school Lounge action with a great view.

Looking forward to meeting those of you who didn’t come to walk Western with Will and I.

The Bona Vista Lounge
The Bona Vista Lounge

10 thoughts on “Classic Eats Evening – First In A Series”

  1. May we bring spouses? Its been a bajillion years since I was last in the Bona Vista. Also…now correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t a bad sitcom in the late 80’s supposed to have been based on that lounge?

  2. That’s the name of the sitcom, but seriously I thought it was way later in the 80’s.

    You know, they never check id on the cake, its always someones birthday we can celebrate.

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