bLA & the LA Blogosphere in the new Wired

A shout out to the LAFD’s Brian Humphrey for appearing in the print version of Wired magazine, in a feature on marshaling the power of web technology to help fight fires, instantaneously alert for emergencies, and integrate the community with the Fire Dept. I can’t find the piece online but I’m sure it’ll be up in a week or so, or you could just suck it up & grab the magazine.

Also, do I spy a letter to the editor penned by our very own Will.I.Am? I believe I recognize that pointed, emphatic and elegant prose in service of a finely-tuned rant. Good show, gents!

4 thoughts on “bLA & the LA Blogosphere in the new Wired”

  1. My word Lucinda Michele! What sharp eyes you have! Yeah… heh, indeed that’s me in the November issue ranting about Wired pimping leaf blowers a couple issues back. I was outraged I tell you: outRAGED!

    Great to see Brian Humphrey and his great work getting some coverage.

    Trivial trivia: A letter to the editor to the old LA Alternative press where Michele previously worked that was ultimately what brought me to meet her and be a part of a cover story she orchestrated. I can’t remember what I wrote the letter about, but if memory swerves there was some snark had at my expense in the reply pointing to my lack of thesaurus familiarity given my repetitive use of the word “nitpick.”

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