Best amateur haunted house in the far fringes of north LA


I think most of us never grow up enough to not appreciate a good haunted house. I’ve dabbled in it over the years but never to an extreme.  A long time friend who didn’t escape the cube puts his abundant creative energy into a haunted house each year for the neighborhood kids. Not being in the biz he does some pretty nifty special effects (the fog can be seen from a block away).   The mechanical know how from his job as an auto appraiser certainly comes in handy for the complex monsters he puts together.  Who said excess is a bad thing?

His haunted house is set up in Castaic and open only Halloween night. I promised not to put up the exact address but if you follow the lines from Del Valle County Park you won’t be too far off base.

Enjoy the video. It is his…ample self promotional credits at the end. Hat’s off to Jeff for his annual haunted house, where in LA is your favorite homemade haunted house…done by a regular guy and free?

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