We Did It! We Walked Western (Part II)

Though I am mostly non-ambulatory with at-best sporadic brain functionations this day after the walk, I managed to get my photos from the day posted to this set on Flickr.

While in the midst of this moment of clarity, here’s some of what I learned between our first steps out of Griffith Park and our last 28 miles later at land’s end in Palos Verdes (in no specific order):

  • I couldn’t have asked for a nicer more enthusiastic and diehard group of co-walkers to accompany on this adventure.
  • Some of the sketchiest areas of the city have the nicest people in the world
  • There is no such thing as enough ibuprofen
  • There is no substitute for the right pair of socks
  • I am still as unapologetic a rescuer of lost teddy bears as I have ever been

  • There are panhandlers in Koreatown who ask specifically for a dime (maybe it’s an economic indicator) and then get indignant when we honestly don’t have any
  • The iPhone’s virtual keyboard is tough enough to use but becomes quadruply so when afflicted with the inevitable (and early) onset of sausage finger syndrome that comes with walking such long distances.
  • The best frutas fresca vendor on all of Western Avenue¬† can be found at 249th Street (and I’m not just saying that just because he was the only one we encountered)
  • It’s probably a good idea not to go so heavy on the chili powder on your frutas fresca when you still have six miles left to walk (mostly uphill into the g’dam Palos Verde Penninsula)
  • There was not a single taco truck to be found
  • There are way more churces than liquor stores
  • Donut King II sells “cramberry” juice (which I’m guessing is lacking in natural diuretics)
  • Century Boulevard is so named not because of anything centenially oriented, but rather because it resides between 99th and 101st streets
  • If I am ever in the market for a new or used Honda I will go to Gardena Honda because it is staffed by the nicest people ever
  • According to one Western Avenue-based hair company there is a difference between “human, Indian and Brazilian hair”
  • There is one cemetery, two golf courses and three antique stove restoration businesses
  • Don’t be afraid to tell the nice LAPD men that “No, we are not lost” even though they so won’t believe you
  • There is a place where “robot plasma” is available
  • When we weren’t forced to walk in the street due to a lack thereof, the sidewalks we traversed in Palos Verdes were installed in 1958, which coincidentally is how many people have walked on them since then.

Amanda, David, Jeff, and Julia: thank you for being a part of this epic crazy adventure, with superkudos to my wife Susan and Julia’s man Kurt for providing all necessary transport to the start and from the finish.

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