Still no cheese

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions as to where I could be pick up some rennett to make my cheese. I was so incredibly giddy, when I walked into the first grocery store on Fairfax Ave. Only to be knocked for a loop when the guy behind the counter not only told me that he didn’t have it, but that no one else on the street would probably have it too.

I know. I could have had it by now if I had just ordered online.  Man, the cheese would have probably been gone by now if I had ordered it online.  It seems my stubborn and obsessive side has taken over.  My goal was to find this cheese within the borders of LA County or eventually give up, I suppose.  Well, I am not giving up.  Even if that means I have to buy in San Diego.

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  1. Faboo,

    I got to thinking about your dilemma and I came up with this: why not find a fellow cheesemaker and ask for his or her source? I’m know you can find artisan cheese at the various farmers markets around town, in which case you’re bound to find the person that made them. Also, there’s this article in an old LATimes:

    In it they mention a number of cheese shops that sell locally made cheese, perhaps they might stock vegetable rennet or direct you to someone who does. The most promising of those mentioned in “The Artisan Cheese Gallery” (ugh) in Studio City.

    Happy Hunting!

  2. Thank you elmorash. In the previous post, drewnbage suggested I go there too. It’s just that I never get to that side of town and Diamond Bar is closer to me. My thinking was, “If I have to drive to Woodland Hills, I may as well just go out to Diamond Bar.”

    Well, imagine my surprise, when last week I had to shoot a site in Encino, but didn’t have the time to go to WH, because I had to shoot 3 other sites and be back in time to pick up my kid from school. I thought I could dip over there, but the LA Metblogs site does not render well on my phone.

  3. kellygrace, thank you. I have that article bookmarked somewhere, but couldn’t find it. frazgo: It seems part of the problem is that no one knows what I’m talking about. I’ve called so many cheese shops around LA and I get, “What? What is that?” None of the kosher stores I tried sold it, though I was sure if I hit the ones on Pico in W. LA that I’d find it.

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