The Big Western Walk Tomorrow

Get your moleskin ready! (I said MOLEskin. Sheesh.)

Tomorrow is the day. At 6:30 am, Will and I will be at Fern Dell Park just near where Los Feliz Blvd and Western meet. At 7 am SHARP, we will be on our way. We would love it if you even join us just for a few blocks of sunrise coffee chat as we start off on our 26 (or 28) mile sojourn to the sea.

Read the post with comments from earlier in the week for more details and great tips from Will and others. Follow along on Will’s Twitter feed tomorrow to keep up from afar. I’m sure there will be many “ICME” type posts in the following days from both of us.

If you are walking with us tomorrow, my best piece of advice is HYDRATE. Drink lots and lots of water today, it will help a lot tomorrow.

Off to charge my phone and my camera and pack my advil, power bars and water bottle.

4 thoughts on “The Big Western Walk Tomorrow”

  1. I very much wish I was out there to make the trek from Wilshire/Western with you guys to the end. Good luck, y’all!

  2. I imagine that you lot will have passed by Wilshire Blvd. by the time I am in that area along Western at 2 p.m. Nevertheless, Will & Co., I will keep out an eye in the case you are passing through.

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