Love Patti Smith?

Yeah? Well she’s playing at the Orpheum this Saturday night, October 18th.  And she’s always been pretty cool in my book.  The first real modern dance piece I ever saw in NYC was done to her song, “Gloria” So damn this recession, go nab a ticket!

Now if you’re really broke… or even if you’re not, you can win a copy of her latest CD, “little wild one” by writing us an email explaining how listening to Patti Smith makes you feel.

Best two entries win!  And please use your real email when you register, so we can actually get you the loot!

2 thoughts on “Love Patti Smith?”

  1. I first saw Patti Smith in 1978 at the Wollman Rink in NYC. Horses had already been out 3 year, but people were still fucking flipping out over her live shows. This was an outdoor concert in the summer and she was possessed and carrying on like an exultant banshee.

    When I saw her free concert last August on the Santa Monica pier, I was reminded of that long ago concert. It seemed like she still had that essence from all those years ago, fomenting in her, driving her. We were all still swooning over Patti, and swooning with her.

  2. Listening to Patti still makes me feel like it did when “Because the Night” blew the doors off my pre-teen Top 40 radio world: dirty, urban, snotty, wired and reverent.

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