Some Sugar For Spice (Updated)

Of late, there’s increasingly becoming greater reason why I’ve added a dog collar, leash and some treats to all the other crap I shlepp in my backpack with me on my crosstown bike rides to/from work: abandonment issues. No, not mine.

It seems that with all the foreclosures going on four-leggers are getting left behind as financially strapped families relocate. While I’m not personally eyewitnessing this trend in epic proportions, today I pedaled past a wary and haggard pooch padding along on Fairfax toward Venice near a house sporting signage that too proudly pronounced it a “Bank Repo.” And last week during my hellish Morning Commute Of The Four Flat Tires With The Much Gnashing & Cursing I encountered two strays — neither of which wanted a hand or even a hand-out. They just wanted to go home, and there was little else I could do but wish them well and say a little prayer in hopes it might help get them there.

Which brings me to Spice, pictured at right (click the image for slight biggenability). Spice is a shepherd mix who needs some permanent sugar. She was liberated from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Callous Bastard at 666 Cruella Way where she was kept in a severely malnourished state — and as if that’s not bad enough had apparently spent most of her life tied to a tree. Presently fostered by Kelly, who rescued her took the dog in and who works with my wife Susan, she says Spice is a total sweetheart if somewhat cautious — and don’t tell me you wouldn’t be if you’d spent your days starving and tethered out in the yard. Hell, I’d be the Angriest Dog in the World.

Kelly says Spice is far from furious: “She is a great guard dog, but not the type to bark every time someone knocks or rings the bell. She has been great with our two cats, but please do not give her too many commands at once, she gets confused. We have been working with Spice’s trainer and she says Spice is a thumbs-up for anyone who is willing to give her a forever home. She loves company and we have new beds and lots of new toys to donate to her new home.”

If you’re interested in making Spice a member of your family, drop Kelly an email. Or if you know someone who might be, please pass this post along to them.

UPDATE (10/20): This happy ending just in!

Thanks to the generosity of the Cosgriff family, who in seeking a companion for their dog, Chino, opened their home to Spice. Spice will be living a life of luxury on a wondrous near-acre of land in beautiful San Diego. I wish everyone could see how happy she was when she and Chino finally finished the minuet of “I pee where you pee” (dog talk).
I wanted to thank everyone who either passed along my plea to help find Spice a home and offered their support. Thanks to Will who posted about her and Jennifer who reached out to friends, shelters and organizations she works with. Thank you to Eva who helped us introduce Spice and Chino, without her, I’m not sure we could have managed it.
Special thanks to Scott and his wife, Susie, who rescued Spice from her home of neglect.
And special, special thanks to MaryBeth who succumbed to my insistence that we ‘get that dog’, for loving and providing Spice a very special interim home.
Thanks everyone!

3 thoughts on “Some Sugar For Spice (Updated)”

  1. Since I moved out to LA back in ’95, I’ve always kept a leash and a bag of treats in the car “just in case.” I’ve had to use it more than once.

    I know that Bill Foundation (the dog rescue I work with) isn’t the only rescue group that has seen its number rise rapidly with house foreclosures. Dogs are being abandoned left and right. Plus our donations are going down because no one has spare cash. It’s an ugly situation, but you do what you can. Thank you guys for looking out for the furry ones.

  2. Oh is that a handsome dog! Will…you truly are one of the kind souls out there, keep it up.

    Slackmistress deserves a little shout out for her helping the pups out there. I took a quick look at the Bill Foundation. They do a lot of cool stuff and they have the ability to take paypal donations.

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