New name added to Hollywood liberals’ shit list: Dean Cain

For the second time in two months, former TV Superman Dean Cain outed himself as a McCain supporter on Larry King Live. Appearing last night in a segment opposite nascent liberal blogger Sheryl Crowe, Cain  went on about how much he loves Crowe’s music but said they can have a political disagreement because *yawn* “that’s what makes America great.” In a brief of flash of clarity about the mortal damage he was inflicting on his career, he then  stammered, “But I’m pro-choice!”

Too late, Man of Steel.

Displaying a Palin-esque acuity when asked by King what question he would most like to hear both presidential candidates answer (“Oh, gee, I don’t know. Uh, foreign policy is big with me,”) he deep-soul kissed his line of work good-bye as doors could be heard slamming shut across Tinseltown.

16 thoughts on “New name added to Hollywood liberals’ shit list: Dean Cain”

  1. You know people can have different political views and still appreciate anothers artistic endeavors. That photo sure is unflattering, certainly no longer the pretty boy he was during the superman years, I think that will cost more work than a political view.

  2. well, even if the “Tinseltown” liberal conspiracy is real Cain can always start a new career in country music. He may have to redact that pro-choice comment 1st, though.

  3. It’s payback time!

    I’m supporting McCain just to get even for all the craptastic Sheryl Crow songs I’ve had to endure over the years.

  4. If Dean Cain isn’t getting calls for work, it isn’t because of his political views. And there isn’t any evidence that outspoken Republicans have ever been blacklisted in this town. Some of the biggest stars have been Republican supporters, including Bruce Willis.

    On a related note, a Union rep I was talking to recently said that usually below the line crews tend to be very conservative and vote Republican, in spite of the liberal view of Hollywood. However, he said this year he’s noted that support for Obama has been surprisingly high among grips and gaffers, the crowd that usually votes Republican.

  5. Hollywood liberals blacklisting conservatives? …perhaps.

    Hollywood liberals creating hostile work environments for conservatives? …absolutely.

    I for one, speak from experience.

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