7 thoughts on “Sesnon Fire: the view from here”

  1. Crap, you know this is the one area that scares me the most. Those canyons are hard to get in and out of if you are an evacuee. My Cousin just off Valley Circle is between Bell and Lake Manor and can imagine the fright they are having. Again. They’ve been there since the late 70’s and have seen a fires pass by or over them during that time.

  2. f*** f*** f*** [disempowered sputter]

    Everyone please cross your fingers & chat with your personal deities for the continued life of my family’s ranch in the Chatsworth Hills. Metbloggers, I’m sorry I never organized that photo tour. :(

  3. Wow…and Lucinda I hope your family fares well as if recollection your family ranch has been in the fam for several generations.

  4. 10:15PM coming over Cahuenga pass we saw the fires to the East and NW. Then we heard the fire jumped the 118 which is still closed. My fingers are crossed for everyone. Wish everyone the best through this.

  5. That is terrifying. The national coverage seems to be doubling everyday. I hope everyone’s family and friends have headed for other areas and that their homes will remain in tact for their return!

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