Today’s Parking Tard — Yellow Attracts Yellow

The parking lot behind B&B Hardware on the West side is relatively small, considering how popular the store is.  The availability of spots is usually very tight.  That didn’t dissuade the woman with the bling bling jeans and the yellow Porsche Cayman S with custom exterior work from taking up two spaces.  Her car isn’t just straddling the yellow line, it’s absolutely making love to it.

On the short list of things I hate about living out here, nearly every item has to do with cars.  The common theme that runs through this list, whether it’s drivers who: ignore red lights when turning left; flagrantly violate the new hand-held cell phone ban; or take up two spots in crowded parking lots, is the attitude that I’m More Important Than You Are.

Well, I have news for you, you blingy-jeaned bitch: You Aren’t.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Parking Tard — Yellow Attracts Yellow”

  1. The real crime here are those lame ass “hook up” color matched rims. And, since when do they let blind people drive on public roads? Seriously, someone must have had this car painted as a “joke car” and then given it to their blind friend on April Fools day.

  2. A couple months ago I started doing this, I got the idea from digg. It makes me feel better about these a-holes.

    Leave a note on their windshied.

    “I am sorry about the scratch I put in your car, but there was so little room for me to park my car in the space next to yours.


    You will have them freaking out, looking for a non-existent scratch… a little bit of justice, but no harm done.

  3. LMAO…tamman2000 that is the BEST stunt yet on this. I love the machine that picks up. Of course no one too young to have lived in the 80’s will get it.

    Can I borrow it too?

  4. PLEASE use it.

    I want every jerk who thinks they are so important that they can use two spaces to freak out about their precious car.

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