LA Art Walk tonight in Gallery Row

LA Center for Digital Art “Snap to Grid” show premiere reception tonight.


"abandoned railcar" by frazgo, embiggen with a click
"abandoned rail car" by frazgo, embiggen with a click

I wrote about the Snap to Grid show a few weeks ago.  It is by far one of my most favorite arty events that takes place in LA. Simply because it is all comers shown and you get this overwhelming energy from the art and artists enjoying it all.  Yes, I tossed in a piece as well for the show.  This isn’t shameless self promotion…its not for sale and there purely for the enjoyment of others.  


The LA Arts District Art Walk is always the second Thursday of the month.  They have their own web page with all the details you could ever want on that topic.

DETAILS: October 9, 7-9PM,  LA Center for Digital Art 107 West 5th Street, Los Angeles 90013

My final comment, indulge the senses for free here then follow Chal’s advice and find an issue this election and donate to a cause you believe in.

3 thoughts on “LA Art Walk tonight in Gallery Row”

  1. It was taken by the old rail crossing in Arcadia next to Santa Anita Blvd. I suppose if they ever rebuild the tracks for the Gold Line it will be moved. Until then its there in all its new roll as a canvas for some grafittist

    Thanks for the compliments it was one of those things I spotted one day and went back when I knew the light would be perfect for the shoot. I am pleased with it.

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