Consume LA: Lennon’s birthday; Vote No on Prop 8

READ: The Supremes’ Greatest Hits, The 34 Supreme Court Cases That Most Affect Your Life by Michael G. Trachtman.  This is the book that Sarah Palin wishes she had read prior to her embarrassing exchange with Katie Couric. Talk about an ejeekation– shazzam! I been learnin’ a lot about activist judges from this ‘n. I thought Dread Scott was a Bob Marley song until I read this here book. Available at Skylight 1814 in Los Feliz.

DONATE: TO DEFEAT PROP 8. Obama carrying California is a slam dunk. So for Californians, the Good Fight this election is working to defeat Prop 8. Bigots hiding behind their “religion” are waging a newly successful campaign to pass Prop 8, a ballot measure which, if passed, would write discrimination against gay people into the California constitution, eliminating their right to marry. Despite what the proponents of Prop 8 insist, civil unions do not provide the same rights as marriage. VOTE NO ON PROP 8.

REMEMBER: Today would have been the 68th birthday of John Lennon, a man who had the world in the palm of his hand due to the popularity of his band, the Beatles. Instead of just coasting on his success and indulging his whims (aside from his famed “Lost Weekend”– actually it was two years of debauchery he enjoyed in LA during his separation from  Yoko in the mid-1970s) he used his fame to promote humanitarian causes around the world. Remember too that although the Republicans are still (STILL!) mad at the hippies, they’re even angrier at John Lennon for giving voice to an enlightened, evolved morality that made them quake in their hypocritical boots; and for that Richard Nixon tried (unsuccessfully) to deport him. Power to the people!

TAKE ARIANNA’S ADVICE: Arianna Huffington, Los Angeles’ most treasured citizen (I’ve decided to make it official,) has somehow found time during the manic run up to the November election to have a balanced life, finding time for herself away from the internets, blogosphere and incessantly overlapping news cycles to just stare out at the air.

As she demonstrated at the Democratic National Convention with her HuffPo Oasis, where she provided free massage, aromatherapy and mountains of chocolate to weary delegates and pundits, she advises a few moments a day away from your daily grind. Try to unplug, disengage and STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.  She’s even got Obama on board for chillin’.

SHOP: Don’t buy any vain indulgences for yourself this month. Do the right thing and donate to help defeat Prop 8 on November 4th. Everything you want now will be on sale post-election anyway.


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