10/10 Gallery opening in LA County’s Kenneth Hahn Hall

I have to admit I am totally loving the trend of public buildings turning their blank walls into gallery’s.  It brings life to otherwise drab bureaucratic edifices.  It gives artists a chance to share their view of the world with others.  

LA County’s Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration is turning a portion of its 3rd floor into a gallery.  The first installation takes place on 10/10 and will be open to the public for viewing at 9AM.  The idea came about when Stephen Coleman asked the county if he could start up a gallery there.  The answer was yes, and from there many people in the LA County offices put things in motion to make it happen.

The first exhibit will include images from Stephen’s portfolio of LA Metro and County landscapes and neighborhoods.  The flier he sent me is included here and does get bigger with a click to give you an even better idea as to the variety of images of LA he has to share.

DETAILS: 9AM October 10. 2008.

 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 3rd floor, 500 W Temple Street, Los Angeles 90012.  

Google map HERE.

6 thoughts on “10/10 Gallery opening in LA County’s Kenneth Hahn Hall”

  1. What a great idea…when I’m on jury duty I usually go to the cafeteria in the basement of the building…a city worker recommended it, and they are 500% better than the one in the Justice Building…so lunch and culture together will make surviving jury duty much easier.

  2. No kidding this was a great idea, thank Stephen Coleman who had the idea and worked with the county to make it happen. I just shared it with you.

    How often do you have jury duty that filling your lunch hour is a concern?

  3. 9:00 was a little early as the photos were stacked along the walls waiting to be hung, but I got to meet the artist and hear about the circumstances around each photo. Councilwoman Janice Hahn dropped by to see how the install was going- as daughter of the building’s namesake Kenneth Hahn she takes a personal interest in the place and was apparently instrumental in getting the exhibit approved.

    Jim in Long Beach

  4. Excellent photos. One of my co-workers is a friend of Stephen’s and invited me along to check them out.


  5. Correction on my first comment- Janice Hahn had nothing to do with the approval process- Stephen sent me a note stating that he had invited her the day before (Wednesday) out of respect for her father.

    My apologies for the my incorrect presumption.

    PS- I found Metblogs after going to see the exhibit and doing a Google search to find more of Stephen’s great photos. I’ll spend some more time on Metblogs because with a region as big as LA paradoxically it’s often hard to find local information.

    Jim in Long Beach

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