Win Tickets to Duffy at the Orpheum Friday the 10th!

We’ve got a few pairs of tickets to the Duffster‘s show with Eli “Paperboy” Reed this Friday night at the beautiful Orpheum downtown, plus her latest CD to give away!

Wanna see the Welsh songstress with her sultry, retro, golden pipes in one of LA’s most treasured old entertainment palaces? Just tell me, in the comments, who your favorite female soul singer is. From the entrants Metblogs will choose two lucky winners who’ll get a pair of tix AND a CD. woop woop!

Don’t win? You can get tickets here!

7 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Duffy at the Orpheum Friday the 10th!”

  1. Etta James is my all-time favorite female soul singer, but Jill Scott is becoming a contemporary favorite.

  2. If you saw me on the street, you wouldn’t peg me for a super fan of soul – Philly soul, Aretha soul, Otis soul … you name it, or play it, and the sound hits me in the heart and jams thru my veins. Who doesn’t love the queens and kings like Aretha or Marvin, but when it comes to the one who embodies what soul means to me, there’s just one. The one.

    The one and only Bettye Lavette.

    Ms. Lavette has a mystical ability to get inside the song, to lay it on you with fierce majesty or vulnerable sensitivity what the lyrics are about, what the music is about, what life is about. She’s been around 40 years since her first single “My Man – He’s A Loving Man” to her perennial show closer “Let Me Down Easy”. Maybe you haven’t heard of her, but that’s what soul is about. You see, life may not be fair, but at the end of the day kick back in the wee hours with Bettye Lavette and you find empathy and comfort knowing that someone understands where your head is at and she’s putting it to music. She’s been singing for 40 years and despite her many singles, she’s never had one break into the Top 100 pop charts. It was 20 long years afer her first single that Bettye’s first full album was finally released (not counting the French release of her 25 year old unreleased masterpiece “Souvenirs”.) She should be a bigger star, but like I said, life’s not fair. The lack of awareness is a crime, but the thing about good music is that it stands the test of time.

    Bettye’s still singing, still swinging, still sharing her special brand of magic. And when that happens, music is more than a product, it’s a spiritual journey with a powerful high priestess.

  3. Does Michael Jackson count? Seriously, though, there are a lot of great comments already (Bettye Lavette!), but for me the discussion starts and ends with Aretha Franklin. No artist has done more to introduce soul music to a wider audience. Every soul singer that has followed her, up to and including Ms. Duffy, has been influenced directly by Aretha. Her voice and artistry are the gold standard. Go listen to Natural Woman again and really listen to her singing – it transports me every time. I mean, the last couple lines of the second verse…man. She was 25 when she recorded it, but the depth of feeling in that vocal performance makes her sound wise beyond her years.

  4. dusty springfield for me too. her version of the windmills of your mind gives me the shivers.

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